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Rules for Roleplaying:

  • 1.) No "God Moding" - In many RP's we've come across over powered characters, or those who try to take control of the game by forcing other peoples characters to perform certain actions. This is not allowed here at Kessen. Please try to make balanced characters and if for any reason you want to assume control of anyone but your own character, please discuss it in private with the person or group. This does not apply to arranged RP's with Game Masters, or those in charge of running a campaign.
  • 2.) Keep OOC and IC Separate - We will have a designated Out Of Character room for you to discuss play-by-plays and all your nefarious schemes. Please be respectfull and keep OOC to a minimum when in "World Rooms".
  • 3.) Interact - Part of the fun of RP is the interaction! Do try to interact and include others. If you are going to simply play with one person, it's polite to do so in PM's or on a messaging system.
  • 4.) Adult Content - Sexuality is just a part of life, and a part of many characters design. Most the players here are adults and are fairly comfortable with mild adult themes, but please keep more serious adult gaming to PMs or Messaging. If for any reason a moderator feels you are crossing a boundary, you will be contacted first and asked to tone it down. Swearing is absolutely A-OK.
  • 5.) Respect - Respect goes both ways! If for any reason you feel as though someone has slighted you, please feel free to contact any of our lovely moderators and we'll try to mediate. Please do not flame, troll, or purposefully try to anger each other.
  • 6.) Reality =/= Fantasy - Sometimes characters do not like each other. This is absolutely fine and can be done with finesse. Conflict can be a lot of fun to write out, so try to separate the characters actions from their owner. Often times there are players who are offended by in game actions, when it's just the character reacting in a negative way. Best thing to do is talk it out and make sure there's not friction with the other player. And if for any reason the moderators feel you are being biased against another player, we will talk to you privately about it.
  • 7.) No meta-gaming - “Metagaming” is using knowledge of in-character things you have as a player, but which your character does not, in roleplaying. The simplest example is your character referring to somebody by their name without having been told it previously
  • 8.) Original Characters Only - Please do not use characters from anime, games, movies, tv shows and so on. Use your own ideas and characters. This includes using other peoples art without permission. (tip: it's not allowed!) So don't play characters like Goku or Sailor Moon, please.
  • 9.) Have Fun!

(These rules are subject to change as the site progresses)