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Additional Art
AgeBorn 1876
Eye colorDark Fushia
Hair colorDark Fushia / Dyed Blue
Meta Info
Owner Neo


Zeia stands no taller then 5 feet on a good day, and even in heeled boots she generally looks fairly short. Typically Zeia wears her hair in an asymmetrical crop on the right, with heavy bangs covering her right eye. Her left pointed ear has a dangling cross-charm that she never removes. If she can afford it, she likes to bleach and dye her hair a powder-blue at times.

Clothing wise, she's a rag-a-muffin with used skirts, shirts, stockings and torn clothes. Being basically homeless, she takes whatever she can find (or steal) from the trash or thrift stores. She's usually seen carrying an old beat up leather satchel, filled with useless baubles.


Zeia has fantastic low-light vision, and prefers to be in dark rooms and alleys. She's wiry and lithe, quick on her feet and can fit into small spaces easily. She's adept with projectile weapons.


Zeia has no real job currently, but likes to hand sew and design clothing. Zeia also acts as a courier sometimes, and will take odd jobs doing deliveries of all sorts. (From Pizza, to Paperwork, even Organs!)


Zeia is whats known as a "Mongrel" a creature similar to a Vampire, but much less noticeable to those around her. She has mild cravings for blood from time to time, but has never acted on it. She's only mildly allergic to silver and sunlight. She has no reaction to holy items, and finds garlic quite tasty.