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Additional Art
BuildLithe, Toned
Eye colorPupiless and Teal
Hair colorBlond
Meta Info
Owner Neo


Yewon stands at about 5'7" in any form she takes (whether male, female, or none), with a mop of faintly curly blond hair, bright eyes and a smile that beams sunshine into the hearts of any who come near her. Her skin ranges from sun-kissed to incredibly tanned depending on the season.

She's often wearing flowy or comfortable clothes in whites, blues and greens. Oftentimes in garments that do not betray what gender she is at the time, which makes for some interesting interaction.

Branching out from her backside is a short tail tipped with leaves. It is not an appendage she easily can control, or easily hide. Atop her head are two squishy, malleable "antennae" that move about according to her expression. They can react on their own at times, whether it be stretching towards the sunlight, or shying away from being touched. Generally they are un-moving and rest coiled atop her forehead.


Changing gender at will, filtering water and releasing it via her tears, controlling various plants and speaking to local fauna. All of these take a great deal of energy and must be replenished by consuming or being exposed to great amounts of water and sunlight after being performed.


Yewon is a street busker, and loves to sing, dance and play various instruments in central square or at flea markets.