Additional Art
BuildVery Skinny
Eye colorTurquoise
Hair colorBurgundy
Meta Info
Owner Patchwerk

CREATOR'S NOTE: Yarrow's appearance and other specifics may vary depending on the world & setting that he is put in. I have many different 'variations' of the character... but what you are seeing here is his original basis.


Please refer to this link for a good visual: http://katie-w.deviantart.com/art/Yarrow-Character-Sheet-179528038

Yarrow is not a good example of what the majority of his species looks like. He has poor posture and is extremely thin... probably even malnourished looking. His buggy eyes often have dark circles and bags under them, and his mouth is usually affixed in a frown. For clothing, Yarrow generally dresses in fitted wear and always covers himself in long pants and sleeves when he can help it... His clothing choices are usually very basic and boring, but he likes to look as presentable as he can. He is often seen wearing a dull, red coat.


Irritable, angry, and bitter, Yarrow is not the type that many would choose to befriend. His snide remarks and obsessive compulsive personality disorder make him quite difficult to be around. He generally considers himself to be a sophisticated and intelligent person, often assuming others are less so. Yarrow is fully aware that he's rather homely and hard to be with, even if it may not seem like it. Trust doesn't come easy to him, as he usually assumes the worst of a person and that their only wish is to be cruel to him.


Despite being an alien to Earth, Yarrow has taken up one of it's popular instruments; the violin. With much practice and support from his father, Yarrow mastered the instrument at a relatively early age. He also plays the piano fairly well. He is a professional violinist and often plays with symphonies, though he prefers to work solo.