Sig Harris

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Eye colorGreen
Hair colorBlonde
Meta Info

Sigurd Harris is a young, well dressed man serving on the crew of The Stranger. A former mob enforcer, he is an accomplished gunslinger and also a capable negotiator. His calm, professional temperament and smooth talking abilities makes him an excellent negotiator.


Sig is a lean man in his early 20s, with a long, boyish smooth face and close cropped blonde hair and green eyes. Sig tends to be well dressed, often dressed in in slacks, vest and a tie. Sig regularly wears a brace of pistols around his waist in plain sight.


Sig has a calm but determined and generally tries to maintain a very professional, respectful disposition. While excellent when the stakes are high, in more casual situations, Sig can be plagued with doubt and is often easily embarrassed and frustrated, especially by the jokes of his fellow crew members. Sig is also often clumsy and nervous when it comes to women.

Sig does not think highly of his previous profession and tries to avoid talking about it.

Equipment and Skills


Sig carries a brace of automatic handguns and a derringer in his vest pocket. Sig possesses a number of other firearms and rifles for special occasions. Sig's best shooting traits are fast reflexes and a quick draw. Sig is also somewhat skilled with grappling and fist fighting and is able to integrate his gunplay into close up fighting relatively well.

Smooth Talking

Sig isn't a fast talker or con artist. Instead he relies on calmness, respect and clarity to negotiate. Sig can often quickly defuse rapidly escalating situations (often situations caused by his hot headed captain).


Sig, the son of a prostitute, was born into the poverty stricken slums off an off-world city. Children of prostitutes were often recruited into the local mobs as thugs. By the age of 12, Sig was paid in cigarettes and bread to shake down local debtors. By 14 he had proven himself to have excellent leadership skills and was put in charge of commanding some of the mob's child soldiers before becoming a respected enforcer at 16.

A year later, a disagreement between the local Mob and the crew of the Stranger lead to a bloody battle that left most of the mob present and a crew mates of The Stranger dead. Pitying the young, surviving gunman and needing to repair her own lost numbers, the ship Captain, Sylvarda Liliandra, offered Sig a job and a way out. Sig accepted and has been serving with Varda for the last 6 years.