Rory McLochlainn

BuildSmall and Fit
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorRed
Meta Info

Rory is a young but exceptionally skilled spaceship mechanic and engineer. Having lost both her legs in an engineering accident at a young age, Rory gets about on a pair of extremely advanced home-made artificial legs.

She is currently working as the sole mechanic on the freight-class spaceship, The Stranger.


Rory, while a naturally small girl, though her extra tall legs and the required muscle mass to handle them gives her a strange, bottom heavy appearance. Her red hair is often worn behind her in two pigtails and her bangs often get in the way of her face. Rory's pale skin is also littered with freckles, prominently covering her face, arms and shoulders.

Rory's large, black, mechanical legs make no effort to hide that they are artificial, nor doe she try to conceal them. Rory is proud of her work and often wears various dresses and skirts that show them off and stay out of the way of their operation. Rory's dresses range for simple and modern, to colorful summer dresses.

An avid music fan and audiophile, Rory is also rarely seen without a large pair of bucket headphones.


Rory is reserved but curious. While she is generally not very overly outgoing, she loves meeting new people and having new experiences. While very serious and mature for her age, she can also often lapse into silliness and bouts of hyperactivity.

Besides engineering and science, Rory enjoys the feeling of floating, legless, in Zero-G. The time spent in Zero-G means that she must also spend a lot of time exercising and maintaining muscle mass. Rory enjoys practicing taekwondo, a skill which is particularly terrifying with paired with her powerful artificial legs.

Equipment and Skills

Besides her artificial legs and their spare parts, Rory owns a number often high tech gadgets and devices and is usually caring at least one mobile computing device with her at any given time.

Artificial Legs

Rory has titanium rods inserted deep within her femurs. The bolts are fused directly with the bone and the bone it's self is reinforced to cope with the added stresses of large mechanical prosthetics. Nerves are bundled and passed through the center of the bolt and are connected to small CPUs for sending and recieving signals. These units are powered by any attacted artificial limbs, which also do the bulk of the actual processing. As such she can easy remove and swap her prosthetics.

Rory's primary legs are a pair of large, black heavy duty legs. Like many high performance prosthetics, Rory's legs sacrafice skeuomorphism for functionality and are very obviously robotic. As Rory generally dislikes realistic prosthetics, she makes no effort to hide this either. Rory's legs are also roughly 6 inches longer than what her natural legs would be.

Rory's legs also receive tactile information through Surface Acoustic Wave technology, giving her feeling throughout the entirety of her limbs. This is usually not recommended for non-skeuomorphic limbs due to their nonstandard shapes, and surfaces, which can lead to strong feelings of body dysmorphia. Rory not only tolerates these sensations, but finds them extremely natural, as she strongly identifies with her artificial limbs.

The legs batteries can sustain a 24 hour charge with modest use, but the batteries can be ran down in as little as an hour under the most intense abuse. Rory possesses other pairs of legs that, while lacking in the extreme strength of her primary pair, can go as long as a week without recharging. While possessing a very natural pair of legs, Rory chooses to rarely wear them.


Rory is an autodidact and spends much of her time studying engineering books ans papers. Besides spaceship maintenance and repair, she is knowledgeable in general electronics, cybernetics and rocketry. While Rory is far from a master at any given field, she has surprising breadth of knowledge and is quick to pick up new skills and adapt to new technologies.


Rory is quite skilled at Taekwondo and is her primary means of self defense. While not a true combatant like her fellow crew members, her skill and powerful legs make her more than capable of defending her self. Regardless, Rory is not a hardened fighter and tries to stay out of the way of combat whenever possible.


Born on earth to a retired Spacestation Engineer, Rory spent her childhood on her parent's ranch, tinkering on projects with her father. Her father, missing his time spent in space, spent much of his time working on his pet project, a home-made spaceship.

At the age of 10, Rory lost her father, as well as both her legs, when the ship suffered a fuel explosion. Rory's legs were severly burn and mangled, forcing both legs to be amputated above the knee. While initially devastated, Rory soon rebounded, studying science and engineering. At 12 she received neural implants at the base of her stumps, allowing automated prosthetics to be connected. Rory embraced her artificial limbs, leading her to tinker with them, upgrade them and eventually replace them with devices of her own design as she got older. Her thirst for both space and self-modification lead her to take many accelerated courses in physics and engineering while still in highschool.

Out of highschool. Rory managed to land a low level position on a space transportation service. Finding her work dull and unrewarding, she took an offer to join the crew of The Stranger, where she would be responsible for the entire mechanical operation of the ship.

Rory sends a portion of her income every month back to her mother on Earth.