Additional Art
Eye colorWhite
Hair colorAsh Brown
Meta Info
Owner Neo


Tall, lanky and with some bits and bones exposed, Charlie is a formidable looking creature. Rib cage hanging out, left forearm nothing but tendons and bone, stitches everywhere and discolored body parts. Charlie is more like a Frankenstein monster dropped into the modern era. His eyes are milky and white, and glow with an inner light, and his clothing are generally just a dirty pair of skinny jeans and converse shoes.


Usually quiet and full of wild expressions, Charlie can actually speak. He chooses not to in most cases, because it comes out slightly garbled. (The guys dead, give him a break!) He's excitable and aggressive, but can end up being incredibly friendly in the right circumstances. He becomes quite deadly whenever he's hungry, and has the tenancy to ruin friendships via seeing them more as food then companions. Charlies is best kept at arms length.


Charlie was created in 1915 by Dr.Frederick Lohd as a side project in order to further study human anatomy. He managed to piece together the very essence of existence and thus Charlie came about by sheer accident. Lohd later was found by the police with his chest cavity torn open and his heart completely removed and thus began a 10 year killing spree in the Boston area.

Charlie went into hiding for the next fifty years or so, staying to the sewers and keeping mostly to himself, springing up after a long absence. He managed to wind up in Seattle, and takes his time selecting victims for his next meal - their hearts are what he needs to remain active.