Cassara Nasaki

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AgeBorn 2000 AD
BuildLong, powerful and firm
Eye colorRed
Hair colorBlack
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Cassara is a second generation High Sashni, born to Kayin and Reese Nasaki. She is gifted with incredible strength and is a 'furnace of spirital energy', giving her the incredible amount of power needed to fuel her. Cassara also has a natural empathy toward the Aspect of Fire, allowing her, in her rage, to produce deadly magical flame.

Beyond her parents, Cassara considers Makoto Shojuro to be her sister. She also eventually marries Hikaru who gives birth to Hotaru Nasaki, a third High Sashni.


Cassara is a tall and imposing woman. Her toned, muscled body moves with cold swagger. Her manner of dress -- big boots, billowing long coats and belts a chains -- further bulks out her size and lends to her intimidating character. Her black, thick waist length hair is like a lion's mane when not combed and her eyes eyes a sinister reddish brown. Her face would be almost cute on anyone else, but her almost perpetual scowl and scar running down her left cheek distracts from any innate beauty she might have. What she does have she does nothing to emphasis or display.


To most who encounter her, Cassara would best be described as "A belligerent, cantankerous bitch". She is opinionated, insertive and antagonistic on a whim, though often she typically comes off a apathetic.

Cassara is stern and overly judgemental of others, often quick to point out the flaws of those around her. She is sarcastic, satirical, somewhat witty and downright vulgar.

Despite all this, Cassara could be described as a good person (just not a very nice one). While mean spirited, she has a strong sense of justice and will strike viciously against people who offend it. Cassara hates those who use their strength to oppress the weak and, while usually unfriendly, will often come to the aid of someone who truly needs it. Often Cassara's taunting is intended to toughen people up more then hurt them, though in practice this doesn't always work.

She despite her brutish behavior, Cassara is very intelligent. She is analytical and can think very logically when need be and form effective plans. While she possesses a strong, raw intellect, she is lacking in her ability to use it. She is not as learned or as worldly as her parents and lacks the drive to become so.

Cassara's use of her intelligence is also impeded by her emotions. Once emotions run high, logic and planning are no longer a factor. Upon deciding on a course of action, Cassara acts quickly, decisively and efficiently and without second guessing her self until she either succeeds or her plan proves wholey ineffective.

Cassara has a soft side, shown only among friends and family. While always sarcastic, Cassara's rough edges seem to soften as she grows to know someone and sometimes can have very motherly tendencies.


Cassara is built to fight and is highly trained hand to hand combatant. She is versed in Muay Thai, Jiujitsu, Boxing, Street Brawling, Twae Kwon Do and various other styles. While Cassara tends to lose control in fights, her training keeps some semblance of form to her fighting style. Cassara's style is based on aggression and powerful, destructive strikes. Cassara moves and hits like a rocket and usually the best defense is to not be in her way.

It should be noted that Cassara tends to fight more technically and showy when she has a cool head and is fighting weaker opponents. She is a capable take down and submission artist well versed in the martial arts she's studied. These skills rarely come up when fighting an opponent on her level, though.

Rage: Cassara's enhanced body structure is fueled by her spiritual energy. While her body is super-human during a calm state of mind, her strength and speed explode exponentially as her rage generates more spiritual energy. Simply put, the madder she gets, the more powerful she becomes.

Ignition Trigger: Cassara's key, innate ability, closely linked to her rage and anger. Cassara's soul is extremely empathetic with fire spirits, which she uses subconsciously to fuel her strength. As this spiritual energies pool up around her in astral space, it begins to put pressure on the physical plane. If enough spiritual pressure builds up, it will burst into the physical plane.

When this happens, Cassara is engulfed in spiritual flame which tends to blast uncontrollably around her. This is called the Release. Once the release finishes, fire spirits will continue to flow into the physical plane. These magical flames will wisp about Cassara's body and, while she is unable to control it directly, will obey Cassara's subconscious will. The end result is a very angry Cassara who can throw flaming punches, grab and detonate her enemies and even throw waves of fire at her enemies. Her control tends to weaken when she thinks too hard about what she wants the fire to do and her control is best when taking impulsive, aggressive actions. Basically, it's best when she's not even truly thinking about it at all.

The fire is magical and will usually only burn things Cassara seeks to destroy. As gets angrier the flames will eventually only not burn things Cassara is actually concerned about. Though while she will not burn to her flame or any natural flames, her abilities may cause true fire that can burn friends and allies, such as if she tried to burn down a building. To create true fire though, these flames have to be intentionally set.

Cassara first discovered the ignition trigger under extreme, life threatening conditions. Eventually she gained more control over it, and, by controlling her emotions precisely, is able to activate the ability a small, initial release.

Grand Trigger

The Grand Trigger is a higher form of the ignition trigger. Unlike the Ignition Trigger, it can only be achieved under great anger. The primary difference in the Grand Trigger is the pure flow of power involved. While the ignition trigger 'pops' through the astral plane before settling down into stream of power, the Grand Trigger totally rends the boundaries between the planes, creating a condition similar to a constant, nonstop state of release.

Even though the emotional requirements for the Grand Trigger slowly decrease as Cassara adapts to it, it is never achievable without an emotional trigger and always sends Cassara into a mad frenzy once activated.

Final Trigger (Theoretical)

The Final Trigger represents the purity of Cassara's destructive purpose. While the Ignition Trigger is more the result of fear and hate, and the Grand Trigger the result of Anger, the Final Trigger has a more pure requirement, and that is the understanding of the justice and punishment she has been created to deliver. This understanding, mixed with an incredible amount of energy can possibly cause the Final Trigger to activate.

The Final Trigger generates no flame (though some may linger from the ignition trigger), but instead a blackish purple shroud of black energy that only resembles fire. This energy is pure destruction, capable of obliterating matter. This destructive energy will tend to consume a large area around her, destroying the terrain and those who are too weak to resist her judgement. Those with stronger wills have to be eliminated physically, but likely with little effort.

The Final Trigger is a theoretical ability and so far is only conceived to be achievable through the breaking of the True Apocalypse (ALSO theoretical), which releases a huge amount of firey energy for Cassara to absorb.

Though Cassara's judgement in this form can be harsh, the energy she generates is unable to destroy those who are pure or innocent and may be unable to destroy those who truly desire forgiveness. This 'drawback' isn't that much of a concern though, as those who Cassara wishes to destroy in this form will almost certainly deserve it!

The Apoc: The Apocalypse (Original name unknown) is an ancient blade, forged as one of several divine blades in Locations/The Astral Forges. It is, by a wide margin, the biggest blade produced in such a manner. The Apocalypse more resembles a giant slab of metal on a stick then a sword. 5 large holes cut in the center help lighten it's massive load, while six crossbeams between the holes support it's structure. While not particularly sharp, it's massive weight makes it an incredible cutting instrument.

The Apocalypse is Earth and Air aligned and can sometimes release unstable, powerful gales when influenced by the right energy source (Though this doesn't happen under Cassara's control). It also, if left unattended, will sink into the earth, where it can be resumed, from any sort of natural earthly matter by it's master -- but literally pulling it out of the ground.

Cassara gained the Apocalypse in a battle with the Kar, where it's air based energies were being used as a power source. Upon claiming it for her own, she shorted the name to The Apoc, finding Apocalypse to be a bit tacky.

Here is a newer document designed to further explain the Apoc and document some of its possible future traits.



(Hyper Abridged)

  • Born in 2000 AD. Her and her parents run around the world for a few years. This rapid moment and the inability to develope any long lasting friendships is likely the case of Cassara's negative disposition.
  • In 2016 AD, not only does the world blow up, but she recieves her classic scar from Zephan. Her spirit becomes lost on the astral planes during the reconstruction of the world.
  • In 306 NE, her and Kayin's spirits are found and are returned to earth -- but without Reese.
  • in 313 NE, Cassara and Kayin find Reese, descover the Apoc, master the Aspect of fire... and defeat Gryhl!
  • In 364 NE, Makoto Shojuro is born and becomes like a little sister to Cassara.
  • Around 385 NE Cass probably marries Character/Hikaru. Not sure when Hotaru would be born in.

Family Treee

Kayin Nasaki
Reese Dresdner
Makoto Shojuro
Cassara Nasaki
Hotaru Nasaki

Assorted Pointless Info

  • Personality Type:: Likely INFJ
  • Sexuality: Bisexual/Indifferent
  • Likes: Heavy Metal, Beer, Sewing, Sunglasses, Her Family, 20 and 21st Century Movies, Playing Guitar
  • Dislikes: Shitty beer, people who are too preachy, popular music, Guys who take their aggression out on women, Jerks in general
  • Music: Heavy Metal, Progressive, Old Punk
  • Bands: Tool, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Buckethead
  • Food: Steak, Wings, Sushi
  • Movie: Pulp Fiction
  • Favorite Beer: Arrogant Bastard Ale
  • Guitar Equipment
    • Trans-Black Jackson Kelly KE3 w/ Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader
    • Ibanez JEM7
    • Yamaha RBX37 Bass Guitar
  • Pedals
    • DigiTech Jam Man
    • DigiTech RP500
  • Amp
    • Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

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